Piers Park Sub-Zero Aqua Warriors

Located on the waterfront in East Boston, Massachusetts, Piers Park Sailing Center (PPSC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community sailing center dedicated to providing 100% accessible recreational, educational, and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages and abilities in Boston Harbor. We empower participants in our programs to become stewards of a stronger community, advocates for a healthy Boston Harbor, and leaders of individual and family wellness. Inclusive empowerment through community sailing.  Save The Harbor Save The Bay has been an outstanding partner for Piers Park Sailing Center and supports many of our programs.  Please join us in supporting them and then come watch as we brave the frigid temps on March 11.  Gelida in abyssum irent!

Funds raised: $4,862 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Timothy Brown : $50
Mark Whitney : $250
Anamaria Moreno : $15
Sandra Moreno : $20
Shannon Viera : $50
Lawrence Pradell : $50
brett van gelder : $240
Judy Gates : $50
Melanie Zurek : $100
Johanna Young : $100
Cristina McGrath : $25
Aileen Gorman : $50